How Sports Brand And Sponsors Get Marketing Benefits From Virtual Running Events

Want some free marketing for your next running event? With Get Set Run you can create a virtual running event and promote your brand to millions of people worldwide. Zero cost, 100% exposure.

And if you want to add a prize you’d send to top performers, your message will be even louder. Get Set Run has the potential to become the world’s largest online community or professional runners and running enthusiasts. And who doesn’t want to be a part of that movement?

Take The Opportunity To Tap Into The Global Market

The opportunity is here, you just need to exploit it. The great thing about the app is that it allows runners from around the world to compete with each other, no matter where they are and when they decide to take a challenge. That way, more runners get the chance to participate in the same event and challenge each other and chase miles and prizes.

The app is simple to use and revolutionary when it comes to connecting runners, sports clubs, enthusiasts, brands, and communities. It’s a great opportunity to make your brand known to different markets. And guess what? You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars to create a running event, get permits, ensure safety, organize refreshment, and hire tons of staff.

You can set up a virtual running event in just four simple steps.

1. Host/Create an event (100% free)

2. Promote the event (this is completely up to you)

3. Timely distribution and delivery of medals and certificates is taken care of

4. Collect your money (and enjoy the exposure)

Create A Virtual Running Event And Get Tons Of Exposure For Free

The system is set up to be a win-win-win situation. You can create an event for free, use it to promote your brand or cause, and you can even make some extra money out of it. If you list a free event, it’s always free for everyone. It’s a win for the app as it will get more users, and make 10% on paid event user registration. And finally, the runners who participate will be able to track their results, and earn rewards and medals; all for a symbolic sum compared to registration fees for real-world running events.

Nowadays it’s hard to get all the people you want in one place at a specific time for an event. With Get Set Run, you can engage anyone from famous athletes to influencers to total newbies and have them all run for your cause, at their own convenience. Professional runners can do it during their training sessions, and running enthusiasts from around the world will get motivated and inspired.

This is the opportunity to create the well-connected global community of professional and amateur runners. Do you want to be a part of it? If you don’t, well, somebody else will. And the potential benefits for the featured brands and sponsors are simply too big to miss out on.

Other than being able to get potentially millions of people to participate in your event, the opportunities for marketing are enormous. Virtual running events will be visible to all app users and that’s your chance to get your name out there in front of them. And there can also be some free marketing. Create a cool event and users will want to share it and invite their friends, family, and peers.

Runners will compete with each other and if you throw in a prize such as a pair of running shoes, a running top, or another valuable piece of equipment, rest assured they will be all the more motivated and happy to promote you.

Want To Be The Top Provider For The Global Running Community?

You can become the next big thing on social media. Just imagine Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest swarming with updates on your event, the prizes you’re giving away, and the results that are being achieved on your behalf. If you play it smart, you’ll go viral. And today that’s much more important than a paid ad in a running magazine. Chances are, people who read those already know about you.

Virtual running events and Get Set Run are your opportunity to tap into new, global markets, get the attention from less informed running enthusiasts, and even make them your advocates for the future. You can connect with new customers and introduce them to your brand. Maybe you’ve got exactly what they’ve been looking for but they didn’t know it yet. Show them. Have a new product you’d like to promote? Offer it as a prize and get people to send you feedback on their experiences. Let your customers know they matter in a completely new way. Let them earn their stripes by doing what they love.

There’s nothing better than pushing your limits and improving performance. Create a virtual running event, promote it, and throw in some benefits for your runners, and they will love you. By creating these events, you’re creating new opportunities for both yourself and all the participants.

Social media and news outlets are great additions to your marketing strategy and you should use them to promote your events. You can also publish the event on your website, running blogs, etc. and help strengthen your brand and your media presence.

Let’s All Grow Together And You’ll Reap The Benefits

Get Set Run gives you the access to your target market, and you can also help draw more users to the app, and see us grow together. As the community grows bigger and stronger, so will your influence on the global running community. Just imagine how far it would go if only 10% of all the users of Get Set Run would try out your products and help promote your brand.

It’s a low cost solution where everyone can benefit. But you can benefit the most. You can go viral on the internet and tap into new markets and a sea of potential customers. This is really something that can hardly be matched. All you need is a good marketing strategy. If it’s profits you seek, you can get 90% of the revenue from paid event user registration.

Sounds pretty good, right? So what are you waiting for? This is your chance to go big or go home.

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