How To Raise Money For Your Cause And Community Through Get Set Run

Want to raise money for your cause or community by hosting a running event? Why not try hosting a virtual running event? It never even crossed your mind, did it?

Virtual running events are cheaper to organize

The concept of a virtual running event is not that different from writing a blog post. As opposed to distributing hard copies of your content, printing and distributing paper editions is a lot more expensive, time-consuming, and demanding to set up. And you’ll be able to reach fewer people and with less chance of success. And if people don’t respond well, you’ll end up with a big loss.

Plus, almost everything is digital nowadays. People are so used to WiFi and their smart devices that they can’t imagine their lives without them anymore. And once you try out Get Set Run and its virtual running event planning, you’ll never want to go back to ”the old ways”.

A blog post published on the internet is accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. So is a virtual running event! With a blog post, you can have millions of readers around the world. And the readers will promote and share your content even if you don’t ask them to. Similarly, a virtual running event can attract tens or hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Create a great event and let it go viral!

How difficult is it to organize a virtual running event?

If you have ever organized a running event, you know how difficult and costly it can be.

Here’s a comparison of organizing a physical and a virtual running event:

As you can see, there’s a lot more to organizing a physical event than a virtual running event. When you go digital, the process is as simple as it can get and everything is streamlined to make for great user experience.

You don’t need to drag everyone down to one place at a specific time. You don’t need staff and volunteers, permits, sponsors, etc. You don’t need to worry about safety — runners each choose their own route, time, and place. Whether it’s on their local stadium or on a treadmill in their living room, runners have all the options.

Connect supporters from around the world

The greatest thing about the Internet and the apps we have today is that they have the power to bring us together. You can reach out to a person across the world and connect. You can challenge or support each other and raise awareness about your cause.

You can help your community, and you can touch other communities around the world. With Get Set Run, it’s easier than ever to build a global communityand unite millions of people around a worthy cause.

Fitness apps are on the rise and Get Set Run is the next big thing. It’s affordable, simple to use, and fun! Users can compete with other athletes or amateurs across the globe, win medals and create their own challenges. No matter how far apart, people will come together.

Increase your community strength from local to global

No matter what cause you want to promote as a race organizer, you need to reach people who care about your cause. And there might be hundreds of runners in your community who support you. But if you make your event virtual, you can get thousands of people to run for your cause.

And what’s best, they will all come to you instead of you trying to track them down. Promote your event whichever way you want. Social media can be a very effective promotional tool. With the right strategy, you can build a global running community in a few simple steps.

Since there’s no hassle to organizing virtual running events, you will be able to focus more on promoting your race. Share personal stories, new research results, and explain why the cause is important and why it’s important to you. Let others share their stories and insight and bring the world together around your cause. Be the inspiration, and you’ll be able to move people’s lives.

Ranking and leaderboard make virtual running events fun

Get Set Run app has a dynamic leaderboard where runners can check the results of other runners and try to beat them. The GPS tracking also allows for accurate tracking of distance and speed, so virtual runners can track and improve their scores, chase ranks and medals.

And who doesn’t like to win medals and improve their results? The app is a great motivational tool and once people start sharing their achievement, others will likely follow. Challenging friends and competing virtually with professional athletes are just a few advantages of Get Set Run.

Advantages of hosting virtual running events with Get Set Run

With virtual running events, you don’t have to worry about race budget. It costs nothing to host an event! And a free event is always free for everybody. The main goal of Get Set Run is to provide a reliable platform for athletes and running organizations to promote, engage, and connect with each other.

The only cost is 10% on paid event user registration. You can sign up and host an event for free and collect 90% of the revenue. All you need to worry about is promoting the event! Engage and entertain runners, your fans, and followers, and raise money for your cause and community.

Get Set Run team will ensure the event is organized professionally. We will also take care of the timely distribution of medals and prizes and create a premium experience for your runners.

Even if you’re not an experienced race organizer, creating a virtual running event will make you feel like a pro. There’s no risk, and the potential reward is substantial! So what are you waiting for?

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