Discover for yourself and Get Set Go!

At Go Sport, we believe in the power of running, cyling, and the energy of community. We have created GoPoints to provide a unique and exciting experience for all our users. GoPoints allows you to compete agains anyone and around the glove, either be your friend next door or girlfriend across the ocean.

Virtual Running Event Process of earning GoPoints


We verify activities by using phone’s accelerometers and GPS location through our Go Sports App. Those distances get converted into our Go Points. These points converts Outdoor running, Outdoor Cycling and treadmills.

We created Go Points feature with the desire to help people move more and stay motivated along the way. We are a passionate team and strive to deliver all the best features possible, stay tuned. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How much distance equates to one GoPoint?

  • For every 1K you run you will earn 5 Go Points
  • For every 1K you cycle you will earn 2 Go Points

Can I buy GoPoints?

  • Yes, you can buy GoPoints from our store.

Do GoPoints Expire?

  • No, never. Go Points don’t expire, we promise

How to earn Go Points!


  1. Running & Cycling Activities
  2. Cycling
  3. Sharing Activity
  4. Inviting Friends
  5. and More

To inspire global, collective moment

If we can bring people in the running and cycling world together to help them achieve their personal fitness goals, or elevate awareness of a charity that bit higher, or promote a community’s new marathon or cycling event, or simply help runners and riders connect with their interest and challenge each other to do more… then we think that’s quite powerful and worthwhile.


For any questions please reach us at Support.