Have you ever thought about running your own marathon but always came to a point where you figured you did not have the necessary tools to succeed, well we have created a solution for you, dive in and learn more about the virtual marathon events available to users worldwide.

How it works, video says it all! 


#1. Create Event – Each event creation takes less than 15 minutes, simply fill online form with basic information and let us manage the rest.

#2. Publish your event – Once your event has been approved by our team, we will publish your event globally.

#3. Share & Promote – Best way to increase visibility to your event is to start sharing and getting the word out to your friends, family and general public, we will do the same via social media outlets and user notifications.

#4. Enjoy – Biggest benefit of creating a virtual event with our platform is due to $0 set-up fee, this lets your keep biggest possible profit for your event or cause. 

#5. Repeat – Once its a success you can create another event and repeat the process, its that simple. 

Wait no longer, visit www.getset.run and explore for yourself or download our app using links listed below.